Privacy-Enhanced Capabilities for VANETs using Direct Anonymous Attestation
EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account - Ref: 15220193

This proposal will develop a demonstrator of a new security architecture for privacy-preserving V2X communications by employing Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA); a hardware-based authentication mechanism that provides user-controlled privacy properties and is standardized in ISO/IEC 20008-2 & 11889. We will demonstrate the applicability of our DAA V2X architecture by implementing it in a relevant lab environment using actual automotive boxes and communication interfaces and message standards that have been defined by the industry. This would allow the demonstration of best practice to industry groups which is a prerequisite for wide-spread adoption and further specification by standardization bodies.

Pervasive Intelligence will develop a simulator framework for the architecture and an implementation of the trusted infrastructure. Thales will provide engineer support to review and audit the demonstrator implementation so that it will avoid the framework to have to be re-engineered in the future in order to extend it to enterprise scale.